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The Company of the Golden Boar are a minor faction of Vlandia in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord, they are a mercenary group.

Their leader is Galthar of the Company.

Official Description[]

The company are Vlandians, mostly local levies who don't adjust well to peacetime and opted for a life of constant warfare. They are probably the least disciplined and most brigandish of Calradia's mercenaries, and a scourge to any bit of countryside where they are allowed to run loose. Still, like all mercenaries, they know that their future earnings depend on their reputation, so they honor contracts and practice their skills, particularly with the crossbow, to ensure their employers receive their money's worth.


Tandred of the Company, Ethert of the Company and Darbard of the Company.

Troop tree[]

Company of the Golden Boar Troops
Chevron-1.png Icon troop type bow.png Boar Novice
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type bow.png Boar Veteran
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type bow.png Boar Champion
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