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Caravans keep the trade flow alive in the land of Calradia.

There are caravans from every faction, and they travel to any and every town.

If a caravan that you are escorting to a town gets attacked, you can help it fight off the attackers. Sometimes, if the caravan was fighting against overwhelming odds, you get an increase in relationship with the "Commoners" faction (this does not seem to have any impact on the game). This is only relevant to caravans that appear through a quest from the Guild Masters.

Caravans usually have 25-40 mounted guards and one Caravan Master. They will employ several of their faction's low-mid tier footman and archer units, though the Khergit Khanate is an exception as they lack any infantry that qualify for the minimum tier requirements.


  • "Tell me about your journey." - This option lets the Caravan Master tell you about his plans for trading. He'll tell you why he's going where, and what he's selling wherever he's going (this option is Warband only).
  • "I demand something from you!" - This option gives you two choices: You can make him pay a toll for crossing the lands, making them give you a small amount of denars, depending on the player's level and troops in the party with a -1 penalty to the relation with the caravan's faction. You can also say "No, I want everything you have!" and attack the caravan. This option will give you -5 to your relation with the caravan's faction and -4 honor.
  • "I have an offer..." - If your relation with the caravan's faction is positive, this speech option appears. If you click it, the caravan will list an amount of denars that they will pay you for escorting them to their destination. Do not confuse this with the Guild Master's caravan escort quest. In this case, the caravan will not follow you, instead, you have to follow them. It's a relatively good form of income, considering that if you have enough troops, you can make easy denars by just chasing off intruders.

Maximum Number Of Caravans[]

The maximum number of caravans depends on the number of towns a faction has.

Game 3+ Towns 2 Towns 1 Town 0 Towns
M&B.png 5
M&BWB.png 5 3 1 0
WF&S.png 6