Mount & Blade Wiki

You can make camp at any time when on the map screen. Doing this allows you to perform the following actions:

Camping on the beach

  • Wait here for some time: You wait at the camp until you click on the screen. If you have selected a book to read, you will read it. Waiting will also recover health for all companions and the player if they are injured. This will speed up time (5x multiplier). You cannot camp for more than 7 consecutive days in classic Mount&Blade and With Fire & Sword, or 365 in Warband.
  • Recruit some prisoners to join your party: Doing this will get you a few extra men, but will reduce morale (-3 to morale per troop that accepts). It is also likely that some, or all, of the recruited prisoners desert at night after being recruited if their morale is too low (the chance of some or all of them leaving is dependent on party morale, note that they will only try to escape the first night after being recruited, after that they are yours forever).
  • Select a book to read: Reading will permanently increase your skill depending on the type of book.
  • Retire from adventuring: You will stop your adventuring career. Game will show your game score and your corresponding retirement life. However, your game is not erased nor has it truly ended. The game saves and quits before showing you your score, allowing you to come back where you left off at any time.
  • Change the name of your kingdom (Warband only): A function of the player's faction feature of Warband.

Wagon Fort[]

A Cossack fires from the shelter of his wagon fort.

In With Fire & Sword, you also have the option to make a wagon fort. It is ideal when you have to fight a more powerful enemy on the plains. It decreases your map speed, but creates a defendable "D" shape with an entrance at the back made of carts. The size depends on the size of the army that it will contain.

A very good tactic to use would be to make all the musketeers stand ground and use ranged weapons, and order your cavalry to dismount and have them and your infantry follow you to the wagon fort entrance. It is possible to jump over the wagon fort carts with horses, but the AI does not utilize this ability, so you can use this as an advantage as the enemy will only attack from one direction and it is very hard for your units to be routed or flanked.