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Original map of Calradia in Mount&Blade.

New map of Calradia in Warband.

Map of Calradia in pre-release Bannerlord.

Map of Calradia in Bannerlord

Calradia is a fictional continent and the main setting in the mainline entries of the Mount&Blade series. There are five factions in the original Mount&Blade and six in Mount&Blade: Warband, each with a ruler, a claimant, twenty vassals and a collection of fiefs that make up each faction's region.

The land of Calradia is neither static nor affected only by the player's actions. Each faction is free to wage war, form alliances, or sign peace treaties with other factions.

Nobles and kings lead their war parties across Calradia, attending tournaments, feasts, and collecting taxes from fiefs entrusted to them. During times of war, they plunder enemy villages, attack opposing armies in the field, and seek to conquer castles and towns through siege warfare.

Law and order are the exception, rather than the rule, in Calradia. Deserters and bandits of all sorts harass trade routes and attack villagers whilst evading attacks from bands of manhunters seeking the bounties on their heads. Farmers traveling to market to sell their harvest and caravans traveling from town to town trading goods must fend off looters and thieves seeking to reap what they did not sow. Lords are also threatened by the chaos; fiefs regularly change hands during wartime. Even the kings of each faction are not safe. Claimants to the throne travel across the land, seeking brave and adventurous allies to back their claims and launch civil wars.


Calradia in Mount&Blade[]

The land of Calradia resembles a continental terrain bordered by a mountain chain to the south and a snow plain to the east. It holds eight rivers, two that end in deltas, three dozen forests of varying sizes, and one lake. The earth is predominantly green except in the steppes, where it appears to be drier, and in the snow field, where it is covered with snow.

Calradia in Warband[]

Due to the fact that a new faction was added (Sarranid Sultanate) and there was no place to squeeze in the kingdom, the Warband map is completely redesigned from the vanilla map. Most notable is the addition of a southern desert, while still bearing similar climatic zones such as steppes and tundra.

The new map turns Calradia more into a rounded peninsula, akin in a few ways to Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings. Converting the map from a square to a more ball-shaped landmass has the advantage of making fewer parts of the map isolated and awkwardly detached, as areas like around Aldelen, Tulbuk, and Tebandra were in the original map.

Calradia in Bannerlord[]

Bannerlord's Calradia is somewhat similar to the general layout from Warband, but takes place 173 years earlier. It covers a larger area and has more mountains to create choke points. The new map has a much greater number of lakes and bays as well as a (at times) radically different coastline from that of Warband.


The true history of Calradia is quite vague. The only characters whose lives are described in any detail are monarchs, claimants, and companions. However, it is implied that the factions have been at war for a very long time, and that the player is the only person who has any chance of bringing about peace.

An ancient Calradic Empire is frequently mentioned by the various companions as predating all of the kingdoms. Matheld speaks of how the first Nords to arrive in Calradia were hired to man the Empire's galleys, for instance. Lezalit says that the Empire utilized all of the fighting styles represented in its empire, but that eventually "the tribes" destroyed the Empire.

The fourth game in the series, and third canonical, Bannerlord, features the Calradic Empire shortly before its fall.

Other companions speak of how Praven was the largest city under the Empire, and of the Imperial heritage that suffuses the region around Suno. Overall, very little of its actual history is ever revealed, but it is obvious that the Calradic Empire fell apart and was split into several kingdoms. The second game shows that the empire split into three different factions in the 1070s after the Emperor was killed in battle.

Outside of Calradia[]

It is apparent that there are other nations and realms in the Mount&Blade world. Examples include the County of Geroia, from which Lezalit claims his noble lineage as the Count's second son, and Marnid reveals as his place of origin; and Balion, a realm beyond Calradia's western coast, far over the sea described in the profile of Konrad, a Custom Battle character. There is also land called Jumne (or Nordland) to the north of Calradia, where the Kingdom of Nords claim their roots lie. There is also another place named Lokti, which is only mentioned once in Argo Sendnar's description. The player character is also described as a foreigner, and many companions speak of leaving their homelands to seek their destiny in Calradia.


  • The layout of the map and the mountainous terrain within the map of Bannerlord, is seemingly inspired and reminiscent closely of Anatolia, modern day Turkey, and its geographical features. 
  • The island south of Poros, looks almost identical to the island of Cyprus.
  • The southern part of Calradia, where the Aserai reside in, is inspired by North Africa and parts of the African continent, like the Sahara Desert.