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Caio is one of the heroes in Viking Conquest. He is a tracker of Roman or Romano-Celtic descent.

In order to recruit him, travel to Hadrian's Wall with eight bags of wheat in your inventory. Talk to the Old Roman and start the quest to get them eight bags of wheat. When the wheat is given, leave the place and wait a while. You will get a message that someone is heading to your army and answer all the questions positive to recruit Caio.

It is advised to recruit him early, his spotting and path-finding skills help the party move around faster and spot troop movement early, making it easier to avoid unwinnable battles. His role in combat is versatile, he can become a good skirmisher, warrior, archer or horse rider, but in the beginning, he is only a good skirmisher. In the long term, he may be outmatched in his role as a spotter and path-finder by Ailchu, who has a higher agility when recruited.

Caio likes Egil due to his attitude and carefree nature, but dislikes the distant nature of Dwywei and has no interest in becoming a Christian by Beda.


"Warlord, I am the youngest son of the man known as the old Roman. As you know, my family is a legend in this area. We preserve the history of our ancestors, who patrolled Hadrian's Wall."

"I, personally, am a very fine tracker. Actually, I am the best tracker around, as my mission has always been to protect my family when we left the caves. Releasing me into your service, my father has done you a great favor."

"For my part, I can only say that I was willing to travel and see the world. You have given me this opportunity, I am glad that, when my father asked my brothers and me who would pay his debt, I volunteered."


"Little news has reached me about the young Caio, I do know for sure that he never returned to Hadrian's Wall, not even to visit his family. Last I heard is that he embarked on a Danish expedition headed to Konstantinoupolis."

Starting equipment and Stats[]

Caio - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Level 5
Strength 14
Agility 16
Intelligence 8
Charisma 7
Health 57
Body Armor
Crude Tunic
Tattered Ankle Boots
Skill Points
Sea-King 0
Navigation 0
Ironflesh 4
Power Strike 3
Power Throw 6
Power Draw 2
Weapon Maintenance 4
Weapon Master 3
Athletics 6
Riding 1
Looting 1
Trainer 0
Tracking 4
Tactics 0
Path-finding 8
Spotting 8
Inventory Management 3
Wound Treatment 0
Surgery 0
First Aid 1
Engineer 3
Persuasion 3
Leadership 2
Trade 3
Weapon Type Points
One Handed Weapons 99
Two Handed Weapons 72
Polearms 91
Archery 91
Crossbows 72
Throwing 101
Slings 91
Melee Weapons
Hunting Knife
Ranged Weapons
Bent Simple Javelins


  • Position-wise, Caio has similar functions to Borcha, given their backstories as trackers.
  • Caio's father, the Old Roman, is based on the Old Roman from Brytenwalda, the mod that the creators of Viking Conquest also made, though they're functionally different.