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The Brotherhood of the Woods is a minor faction of Vlandia.

Their leader is Elthert of the Brotherhood.


  • Alary of the Brotherhood
  • Alayen of the Brotherhood
  • Brand of the Brotherhood
  • Galthar of the Brotherhood
  • Merteon of the Brotherhood
  • Turvald of the Brotherhood

Official Description[]

The Brotherhood of the Woods started out as a Vlandian peasant movement, hiding out in the forests, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. However, they encountered the usual problems that any long-running rebel movement might face - they needed to ensure a steady supply of food, and also ensure that none of the poor would dare earn a bag of coin by informing on them. Slowly but surely, the movement began to make use of extortion, terror, and corrupt deals with the local authorities to survive, becoming little different from any other organized bandit group in Calradia.

Troop tree[]

Brotherhood of the Woods Troops
Chevron-1.png Icon troop type bow.png Sprout
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type bow.png Sapling
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type bow.png Arboreal


When coming into contact with Rolf in your party, Deshavi mentions that she remembers encountering him as a part of a bandit gang called the "Bretheren of the Woods". This would suggest that by the time of Warband, the Brotherhood may still exist in some form. As Rolf originates from around Veluca, this also means that they have stayed in the same relative area where they were active during Bannerlord.

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