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Bread is produced to some extent in almost every town, making it readily available for reasonable prices. Given its high quantity, lack of spoilage, and the highest possible morale bonus in Warband, bread is one of the best food choices in the game.

Even in classic Mount&Blade, where its bonus is moderate at best, bread is still a good choice. It does have a downside however, as it has high weight for food, which means an excess of bread can severely reduce the speed of your party.

The productive enterprise option can be used to buy a mill and bakery to bake bread out of grain.

A bakery's initial costs is 1,500 denars and the upkeep each week is 50 denars. It requires an input of 6 grain per week, producing 6 bread. However, it is generally better not to invest in bakeries as the competition from local bakeries (that exist in all cities) tends to raise grain prices and lower bread prices, effectively erasing your profit and pushing you into the red.

In With Fire & Sword, the player starts with 2 bread and 2 Dried Meat.

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