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Brian.guo1 Brian.guo1 15 July 2021

Template for location pages

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Craze842 Craze842 7 June 2021

The Legend Of DaveDave

Once there was a Man named DaveDave, Dave's father was a popular thief, Jekis The Exotic, Dave's mother was an anti-beggar/peasant named Helindra.

When DaveDave reached the age of 6 he had already pillaged 28 Swadian Villages, and killing 137 Villager Parties. When his Mother and Father were murdered by a beggar when DaveDave was only 28, it was his mission to pillage every village in Calradia, starting with Swadia.

It is said that he had a child, (that I forgot the name of and ruins the stabbed him in the back. That is why there is that Skeleton at Bulugha Castle.

(this blog was 100% uncanonical and is just a joke, this is not the official lore)

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FakecT FakecT 30 March 2021


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CaptainObvious01 CaptainObvious01 13 November 2019

A blog!


Im a very strange, unusual, uninformative blog.

Thanks for reading this masterpiece.

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Gabriel da silva borges Gabriel da silva borges 11 August 2019


Descrição de Emmanuel, por Chico Xavier: "Lembro-me de que, em 1931, numa de nossas reuniões habituais, vi a meu lado, pela primeira vez, o bondoso Espírito Emmanuel. Eu psicografava, naquela época, as produções do primeiro livro mediúnico, recebido através de minhas humildes faculdades e experimentava os sintomas de grave moléstia dos olhos." "Via-lhe os traços fisionômicos de homem idoso, sentindo minha alma envolvida na suavidade de sua presença, mas o que mais me impressionava era que a generosa entidade se fazia visível para mim, dentro de reflexos luminosos que tinham a forma de uma cruz. Às minhas perguntas naturais, respondeu, o bondoso guia: "Descansa! Quando te sentires mais forte, pretendo colaborar igualmente na difusão da filo…

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Tephra Tephra 2 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff, users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Tephra Tephra 8 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

I have been a bureaucrat of the Mount and Blade Wiki since October 2011, and have now been hired by Fandom as a Wiki Manager.

So I am now also the Wiki Manager for the Mount and Blade Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

You can also join the Mount&Blade Wiki Discord.

- Tephra

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ChickenNoodleSoup123 ChickenNoodleSoup123 2 April 2018

Im not good at making pages

Can someone add the confederation of the rhine

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Halfdan1989 Halfdan1989 7 July 2017

The Saga of Halfdan of Mann

Prologue - Of Ships and Shorelines

I was born on Mona, known as Isle of Mann to foreigners. Youngest of three and the only son to Danish raider turned trader Brodir Olafson and his Manx-born wife Eunys, I spent much of my childhood learning my father’s craft aboard his ship, Vagriedha.

I loved sailing on the Vagriedha (Waverunner), a beautiful oak-built Karvi which my father used to trade between Dubh Linn and the surrounding area. My father ensured I knew everything about handling a ship; when to pull sail, where to land safely, how to keep the wind from spilling from the sail.

Since my father's death and the marriage of both my sisters, I've been fulfilling my promise to my mother to embrace my wanderlust and have been travelling these past…

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Debronee Debronee 27 February 2017

My first blog here!

I was always wondering if there is a place in this world where all Mount & Blade fans can meet and talk about the game. And here I am, on this site, writing my first blog. I am reallly glad I found this Fandom created Wiki about Mount & Blade game series, and I will try my best to make this place better. 

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DrMako DrMako 21 January 2017

Balancing in With Fire and Sword

Although I have enjoyed the original Mount&Blade very mutch, I have anticipated With Fire and Sword with great enthusiasm for several reasons:

  • it introduced new features such as real history and people, storyline, firearms and grenades,
  • XVII century Renesaince rarely depicted in games but well known to us from Three Musketeers and Alatriste,
  • game adaptation of my favourite novels by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

​But in spite of my initial enthusiasm, playng With Fire&Sword was by far more difficult than expected for several reasons. After 5 years of playing original Mount&Blade, I have got accustomed to its features:

  • strong armors,
  • ubiquitous shields,
  • weak or slow ranged weapons,
  • unstopable cavalry,
  • upgradable units,
  • balanced Factions .

To my consternation (as a "vete…

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Tephra Tephra 16 September 2016

User blog:Tephra/Weapons and Armor pages (part 2)

(Part 1)

While looking over the weapons in preparation to split them, a problem occurred to me.

The issue is with the multipurpose weapons like One/Two-handed weapons. An article cannot have a "/" in the title, as this results in a sub-page. For example, "One/Two-handed weapons" will become "Two-handed weapons" as a sub-page of "One".

Now the obvious solution is to simply give them a different title, but this really only pushes the problem further down the line. Instead of having an undesired sub-page, there is a page with an unintuitive title. In addition, raising the question of what should the new title be?

I think the weapon name is somewhat unintuitive anyway, so perhaps that isn't a huge issue. Links from parent articles, redirects, temp…

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Johnalexck Johnalexck 30 August 2016

Mount & Blade Warband: Which Faction are you from? - QUIZ

This is the Mount and Blade Warband quiz page. There are 15 questions involved to determine what faction you were born into. ( Vaegirs, Nords, Rhodoks, Swadia, Sarranid or Khergit)

The link for the Quiz page is here:

This link will redirect you to , a quiz site.

Please share this link with your friends and be sure to tell them what faction you are from.

Good luck!

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Tephra Tephra 23 August 2016

Weapons and Armor pages

Throughout my time here, I've seen a few transitions on general articles for weapons and armor where we have consolidated all items onto one page (see Melee Weapons) or split them into different articles (see Body armor, Helmets, Gloves, Boots).

Currently, as indicated by the examples above, there is not an agreement between pages as to how items should be listed. The point of this blog is to find a consensus on which standard to go by.

One page
  • With collapsible tables, excessive length is not that big of a problem anymore
  • It is easier to compare different types of equipment if it is all on one page
Multiple pages
  • Even with collapsible tables, articles can look messy and crowded with everything crammed together
  • Additional information and images r…
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23dutch45man 23dutch45man 4 June 2016

Template TroopStats

Hello readers,

Although I am new on this wiki, I have know how templates work on wiki's. To the Template:TroopStats, I added four new fields because the templates hasn't been updated when Viking Conquest was introduced. This four fields are the three skills, Sea King, Navigation, Weapon Maintenance and the weapon proficiency Slings. As far as I know, the added field work as intented.

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Maklodes Maklodes 21 May 2016

Productive enterprise revenue-to-cost ratios

The current Productive Enterprise page includes profit margin with respect to initial investment, but I thought it would be useful (for me, at least) to have a table of profit margin with respect to gross operating costs. An enterprise that costs 100 to operate and makes 500 in revenue and an enterprise that costs 2000 to operate and make 2400 in revenue both have a profit margin of 400, but the one with lower costs and revenues will be less sensitive to price fluctuations. Getting location right is of higher importance in lower margin businesses.

I guess breweries and tanneries are the most reliable in their profits, while wine presses and linen weaveries are are the most finnicky (although its more because of their slim profits in general…

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Nilpatriot Nilpatriot 21 May 2016

Startup Guide: The Last Days of the Third Age

Starting: (Good Side)

I tried different factions. Finally I suggest start with Gondor or Rohan. You will greatly benefit from their multiple castles and traders and vicinity to enemy actions.

I started with Gondor, at Minas Tirith. And recruited my first companion C.... (Level 1) using my initial 1/1 influence with Gondor.  Rome freely for first 20 days, then beware while entering enemy territory. For first 20 days, keep a party size of 10, return extra soldiers to their factions for resource points. The enemy patrols are faster than you. And any caravan near you at start of battle joins respective side. Remember this, otherwise you may surprise  yourself by attacking 5 goblins and fighting 60 Uruk-hai.  After 20 days, when Invasion starts, …

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Maklodes Maklodes 18 May 2016

Protection-Weight ratios for Body Armor

A while ago, the body armor page had a protection-to-weight ratio. There was no real reason for it to be there -- it's not as if, for example, weapons had a speed-to-damage ratio or anything -- but nonetheless, I enjoyed being able to sort armors by their protection-to-weight ratio. I decided to recreate those tables here, for myself or anyone else who enjoyed that feature.

(Note: The table seems to look like a bunch of disorganized text if you look from a preview in the blog, but if you view this post directly, it seems to work.)

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Maklodes Maklodes 16 May 2016

Ambiguous Equipment

There are several piecces of equipment in M&B that have different statistics, but identical names. These pieces of equipment are:

  • Arming sword
  • Great Sword
  • Hafted blade
  • Heater shield
  • Iron mace
  • Nomad cap
  • Nordic leather helmet
  • Nordic sword
  • One Handed Battle Axe
  • Sabre
  • Steppe cap
  • Sword
  • Two handed sabre

Generally, these pieces of equipment can be distinguished by their relevant statistics. If I have time, I hope to go through the troop trees and such of this wiki and disambiguate ambiguous equipment where possible. For example, the Khergit Horseman is listed as wielding a sabre and possibly wearing steppe cap (leather A) steppe cap (leather B), nomad cap, or spiked helmet. My plan for editing would be to change sabre to sabre (30c) (to distinguish it from the…

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AncientForestDruid AncientForestDruid 2 May 2016

Scott Sterling in Mount And Blade Warband!!!!


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AncientForestDruid AncientForestDruid 6 January 2016

Mount and Blade Warband(Bug in Quest)

I asking for gods sake im have a poor english i just now the basic and i dont now how public this bug in Steam community for they fix it please someone help me and other futere player who maybe will pain in this bug.

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Lungu Christi Lungu Christi 13 August 2015

Past Monarchs

King Harlaus was the previous  ruler  of Kingdom of Swadia,Infobox_vassal |color = Orange |name = King Harlaus |image = File:Placeholder Portrait.png |kingdom = Kingdom of Sadians |monarch = Sir Wolf |title = Ex-Monarch |gender = Male

King Harlaus was the previous King of Swadia,preceding Sir Wolf,who his kingdom is named Sadians.

King Harlaus didn't has family since King Esterich dies.

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Willbafix1 Willbafix1 12 August 2015

Whos exited for bannerlord

ME! i am, ill work on this later, im at school as i write


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Tephra Tephra 7 August 2015

Body Armor table sorting survey

This blog is no longer relevant, though the poll will remain open.

The list of armor on the Body Armor article has been problematic for awhile now. Issues arise due to the length of the table while other armor types do not suffer from this quite so much. The length can be reduced by dividing the list into smaller pieces, but how to divide it causes new problems.

The purpose of the table is to present all the pieces of body armor available in the most useful way. Looking pretty is not as important as being readable.

I wish to see how people would like to view this list and will offer a few different variations, each of which come with their own benefits and shortcomings.

  1. One table of all Body Armors (1 table)
    Good: This makes sorting armor by st…
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Lungu Christi Lungu Christi 30 July 2015

NA'VI Dendi


Kingdom:Kingdom of Nords



Vassal of Kingdom of Nords

I loot vaegir villages because,they will can't

recruit troops if their villages are raided and looted.i will raid more vaegirs villages.

I am now a vassal of Kingdom of Nords

My village:Rizi

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Maklodes Maklodes 3 July 2015

Faction Inspirations!

In  light of the deletion of the inspiration sections of the Wiki, I'll write a blog post on the obvious historical inspirations of the factions:

  • 1 The Khergit Khanate
  • 2 The Kingdom of Nords
  • 3 The Kingdom of Rhodoks
  • 4 The Sarranid Sultanate
  • 5 The Kingdom of Swadia
  • 6 The Kingdom of Vaegirs

Hailing from the arid steppes and fielding a mix of powerful mounted archers and adequate and readily available lancers, the Khergit Khanate is a powerful foe in the open field, but sometimes stumbles in sieges. The Khergit Khanate is based on the Lakota Sioux of the American Great Plains, with a similar emphasis on mobility and surprise.

Bloodthirsty warriors, proficient with thrown weapons, axes, and sometimes bows, the Nords are based on the Rajput Kshatriya jati of…

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Tephra Tephra 30 June 2015

Faction Inspirations

Ever since I started editing this wiki, all of the fictional factions of Calradia have had notes on the "inspiration" for the faction. In my time here, I've seen that around every month or two, someone new finds an issue with the inspiration of a faction and changes it.

The truth is that unless it comes from the lips of a TaleWorlds developer, everyone is wrong.

Since random editors found their purpose in life by speculating on the inspirations of various factions, I left it in the articles. At first, I just moved the inspiration sections from the beginnings of the articles to the ends so people could still ponder over the uncertain where it was out of the way. However, I was wrong to merely move rubbish around.

Unsourced and irrelevant specu…

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DJHonore DJHonore 22 June 2015

Player's Coat of Arms

In medieval times, a "coat of arms" was like a big name tag, it identified your family through a unique crest painted on either a knight's horse, armor, shield, or all three. As the crest is unique to each family, it was essentially the "dog tag" of its day.

In Mount & Blade, the Coat of Arms (sometimes called a "banner" in-game) is used in a similar way that it was in the real world. The only difference is, in-game, instead of being unique to each family, each coat of arms (or Banner) is unique to each Party.

There is a Seven step process involved in gaining a Coat of Arms in Mount & Blade:

Step 1: Talk to a Lord belonging to the faction you want to join and when he asks you to join, click "Aye, I'll join [Faction name]".

Step 2: Look up your…

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EviHard EviHard 15 March 2015

A land to the west, the tale of Balion.

Hello, hello! Archive Master Evi here, back from my 9 month journey to the western kingdom of Balion. Sit down children and listen as I tell you a story of an absolutely magnificent kingdom far, far west.

DISCLAIMER: This story, as well as all my other stories in my universe, are completely fictional and are in no way associated with official Taleworlds lore. I am simply a fan of the series that is attempting to fil in the vague terms mentioned by the Taleworlds devs.

We Calradians know of Balion since the 9th century, when their trading ships landed on Rhodokian shores, giving us the crossbow. Even though dozens of ships carrying Balionian immigrants land on the west coast of Calradia, and hundreds trading boats coming as well, there has ne…

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Maklodes Maklodes 1 March 2015

Custom Battle characters essentially complete

Custom battle characters are basically complete now. They all have a picture, background, and troopstats. They could still use some notes on their tactics and things like that, but the essentials are all done.

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Maklodes Maklodes 8 February 2015

Filling in more blanks: custom battle characters

I'm currently working on a new project to fill in a few remaining blank spots on this wiki: the playable characters in Custom Battle mode. I'm just putting in stubs of sorts now, with their backgrounds, but eventually I hope to put in pictures of them and TroopStats. Oddly enough, there was one already there -- Konrad. I have no idea why someone created a page for Konrad and none of the other playable characters in custom battle. If anyone else wants to give these guys a shot, go for it.

I also realized that the bots in Multiplayer are also used in custom battle, which leads me to believe that perhaps bots that appear in multiplayer should be put on their own pages rather than being part of the PC multiplayer class pages (e.g., the Khergit …

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Maklodes Maklodes 31 January 2015

War of the Roses? Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? What do you think of other games?

I just thought I'd put out a general blog post asking the opinions of people around here about what experience they have with other games, like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, War of the Roses, or Kingdom Come. My only real experience is with Mount & Blade, but if anyone else has experience with other ancient/medieval-type combat sims, I'd be curious about his or her opinion.

Maklodes (talk) 20:14, January 31, 2015 (UTC)

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Maklodes Maklodes 16 January 2015

Basic multiplayer classes in place!

If you check out the multiplayer classes category, you'll see that all eighteen multiplayer classes from Mount & Blade: Warband are now roughly documented . A lot more remains to be done, both in adding more discussion to the classes themselves, proofreading, and, especially, fleshing out the bot versions (which are only loosely related to the classes themselves -- to the point where I'm not sure whether they should be on the same page or have separate pages). The good news about bots is that, rather than going through all the troubles of picking out and paying for equipment like multiplayer PCs, they just get equipment from a semi-random list like all other troops, so the standard TroopStats template should work. Maklodes (talk) 02:16, Ja…

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Hanstarkiller17 Hanstarkiller17 14 January 2015

New Here

Hi guys, I'm new at this whole wiki and blogging deal, but I'm a huge Mount and Blade fan, so hopefully I will be able to provide some insight for you all.

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Maklodes Maklodes 13 January 2015

Mount & Blade multiplayer -- filling in the gaps

While the Mount and Blade wiki has many great articles, a significant oversight is in its coverage of the game's Multiplayer game. I am attempting to provide some greater depth, such as by adding to the game's multiplayer classes.

I'd like to solicit any contributions others may have in adding to these classes, as well as thoughts on how the wiki can cover multiplayer more generally. I have little experience with With Fire and Sword, for example, so someone else may need to cover those areas. In addition, other aspects of the multiplayer game besides classes might be covered (should maps like Field by the River or Port Assault be discussed? I can't think of what I'd write about them.)

Maklodes (talk) 01:32, January 13, 2015 (UTC)

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IncuB Maddy IncuB Maddy 18 November 2014

The chronicles of a new wikian

Well yesterday i started a new page, on SWC mod. Actually it was mainly selfish of me because i didn't get the accuracy range of SWC Weapons. The trick is that they fire straith forward (they'r energy weapons), so i though that with a reticule that regroup in a point it would fire on the point... But not.

More over it apparently fire a bit under the aim (in 1rst person a lot under in 3rd person). So i'll continue this and try to do a good job here.

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Tephra Tephra 1 November 2014

Mount and Blade Wiki polls

Today marks the beginning of the final Mount and Blade Wiki poll for 2014. The next one will be started on the 1st of January 2015. What questions would you like to see polled next year? Post your suggestions as replies to this blog, and they may be considered for a future poll.

Vote on the current poll on the main page.

See old polls with the results here.

◄► Tephra ◄►

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EviHard EviHard 15 July 2014

First Kingdoms and Fall of the Calradian Empire

I am doing this because I said to an anon that this will be my next story. I had lots of fun writing this, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. I'm hyped for Bannerlord!

DISCLAIMER:This story, as well as my other stories (that i don't really write, sorry for that) is not in any way canon. It is only based on the lore of the Mount and Blade: Warband universe and these stories are fictional fill-ins to the vague periods left out by the developers.

Long, long ago, a barely Iron-age civilization crossed the mysterious sea that had been recently discovered. These people were the Nordlanders, proto-Nords, in a way. They were quick to colonize the north part of modern day Calradia, calling the place "Soudland", and calling the town that they made …

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Canadian Penguin Canadian Penguin 13 July 2014

Hello one and two and anyone else who can hear my loud speaking!

Hi fellow people like to write on wikis! I am new here but I recently made edits to and added a page to this wiki! I didn't have an account when I did this because I never make proper preparations for anything, but I'll do my best. I am going to be creating pages on how to best defeat the different factions in the game, and I hope that my strategies will be well received by the community. By

Canadian Penguin
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CatapractofOrder CatapractofOrder 12 June 2014

Chapter 2: "Fall upon them!"

Greetings once again Wikiers! Sorry for the delay, had some real world problems. On to Chapter 2!

After the arena bouts, I sought out some men of decent caliber, but I had to make due with seven raw recruits. The Merchant told me to hunt a small band of bandits operating outside the castle. At the time, I felt disgruntled. I am no errand boy to be ordered around. But I kept these thoughts to myself, and began my hunt for the bandits. ''The Hideout was in a narrow 'gully, with multiple huts for the thugs to inhabit. Also, there was a cave which I later found out was the storing place for their loot. I motioned, (See first picture) for my men to decend and charge whilst I climbed the mountian side to get a better vantage point on the battle. Fr…

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CatapractofOrder CatapractofOrder 25 May 2014

Blogish info and Chapter 1: An Akrites Duty

Greetings M&B Wiki!

My name, or at least my new character's name, is Simon the Anatolian.

I'm going to use the blogs to record his adventures. Also, I'm going to release a few guides to weapons, (Just to make new players' gameplay easier.)

Now, onto the first chapter of this saga!

So, you wish to hear my tale? Of how I brought Calradia to her knees? How I rose to Emperor?

I was an Akrite, the Roman,(Byzantine) equivalent of your lords. I was sent by my Emperor to make allies of the Japanese to the far east. But my ship was blown off course,  and she went aground on the Rhodok coast. Most of my crew died in the crash, one survived, only to die of his wounds. I buried the dead and made my way to the nearest town, Jelkala.

My first impression of the…

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GershomDidicoy GershomDidicoy 25 April 2014

Info boxes

I think there should be info boxes for the factions much like there are for countries, administrative divisions, municipalities, etc. on Wikipedia. I'd go about making one, but I'd first like to hear what everyone else thinks of the idea.

These boxes would be good for having an "at a glance" coherent view of each faction's capital, leader, claimant, towns list, and possibly geography. I think they'd add a more professional air to the wiki more generally.

Again, though, I'd like to hear what any of the regulars think of this idea (I've been making edits for about a year now but just decided to make an account).

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Axoolotl Axoolotl 21 March 2014

Blogg ep 2 Mount&Blade talk

Hey I´m Axoolotl last time i talked about my my character _pineapple_ he is lvl 30 now and he´s more powerful than ever! And i want to talk abount my new character AprilL she´s and onehanded sword knight. I´m useing Espana Eslovana, thats the weapon that has the most thrust dmg in the game. And I´m saveing Heirloom points for greating my main character that I´m going to leavel up to 35. For now I dont have a main character because I´m leveling 5 character at the same time. I can say that is hard and frustrating because when you reach lvl 30 you have accomplish 4645600 million exp then when you have to reach the same amount of exp to reach lvl 31 and that´s the thing that makes me keep playing. This was all for today thanks and plz comment!…

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Axoolotl Axoolotl 13 March 2014

Waiting for going home and start mount&blade!!!

Hi i´m Axoolotl

I´m a guy that go in high school in sweden and i use to think abount Mount&Blade Crpg (mod) all the tim!, Today i have been in school since 09.30 then i had one swedish test i think i did great! But i´m here to talk about M&B warband Crpg! now i´m generation 2 on my new character _pineapple_ he´s an Cavalry with sword and Shield! He´s lvl 27 now and i´m lvling for 31 then i will going to retire him beacuse i need 1 more heirloom point. Some fact about Heriloom points ! thay are worth about 400,020 gold! 

This was my fhirst Mount&Blade wiki Blog hope u like it! //Axoolotl

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V4nnz444 V4nnz444 13 February 2014

guild master - escort the caravan bugs

i was taking a task from guild master to escort a caravan to a "X" town.

at first, the caravan seems fine, they following us until we arrived at designated town.

BUT, when we arrived at designated town, the caravan won't enter the designated town and keep following me.

the quest didn't accomplised bcause the caravan still following me even we have arrived at designated town.

does anyone have a clue about this? (M&B Warband 1.5x)

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Arminius Fiddywinks Arminius Fiddywinks 14 January 2014

Europe in Turmoil

I thought I could escape the violence. I was wrong.

Everywhere, man fighting man. And for what? With the Holy Roman Empire still suffering from the aftermath of 30 years of endless war, the instability in England, Ireland, and Scotland, the French Fronde, the Dutch Revolt, the revolts against the Spanish king in Portugal, Naples, and Catalonia, and the revolts in the Ottoman Empire, I fled to what I concieved as a safe haven: Poland-Lithuania. It had seemed that the Poles had successfully evaded this wave of violence unprecedented since the Mongol conquests and the Hundred Years War generations earlier. It seems that not everything is what it appears like.

Poland-Lithuania, this great nation, this prosperous, peaceful nation, is not spared b…

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Roostangarar Roostangarar 31 October 2013

Guild Master Inventory

So, I've made it my mission to document the location of each Guild Master. I went on quite a spree and had only Ahmerrand and Barriye left to do, when I started thinking, "This was quite easy, surprisingly fun and immensely satisfying. I think I'll do all the Village Elders next". At this point, my Warband crashed. I was so annoyed that I smacked my hand off of my keyboard, snapping one of the stands that keeps it tilted at a pleasant typing angle, and also spilling my drink. Should I take this as a sign?

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Stalwart1 Stalwart1 28 October 2013

The Pilgrim's Sword: March 23, 1655

I did not hear the call.

A journey of many months has brought me back to the lands of the Commonwealth with no more answers to my questions than when I left. Perhaps that is not completely true. I am sure now that God is not calling me to the priesthood. For that was my sole purpose in journeying to the Holy Land, to try and hear His voice more clearly. And so I did. That future which was once so clear, which had led me to study with the Jesuits in Vilna in hopes of finding a priestly vocation, has now vanished. 

It seems the future of my homeland is also clouded. A frenchman I encountered upon my travels has told me of rumors of war from all sides--the Swedes, the Cossacks, and even the Russians. Poland's nobility is preparing for battle, a…

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Callum Bundy Callum Bundy 14 October 2013

Happy Hastings Day!

Today marks the 947th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Harold Godwinson had led his men south after his victory against Harald Hadraada at Stamford Bridge due to the haste caused by WIlliam I landed at Hastings. They scrambeled into a shield wall and held of infantry for a long time. Eventually, William ordered a feint in which his infantry would retreat, making Harold's men follow them in victory. William's cavalry charged down the broken shield wall. Survivors were shot from a distance. William I, now William the Conquerer, took the British crown and near enough changed British history.

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Callum Bundy Callum Bundy 12 October 2013

Rhodoks: English?

Its widely accepted what most of the factions are: The Nords are Norsemen, the Khergits are Eurasian, the Swadians are either the Holy Roman Empire or some other knightly kingdom, the Vaegirs are Slavic, the Sarranids are middle eastern, but the Rhodoks are shrouded in controversy. Italian, Swiss, or maybe English?

The first thing I noticed about the Rhodoks is the hats: those kettle hats are very English in my opinion. The crossbowmen use falchions like the English (check) and their skill may be a reference to the Church attempting to ban this weapon in the 13trh century. However, their spearmen may be Scottish mercenaries. They live in highlands (like the Scottish) and their spears may be a reference to Robert the Bruce's sheltron formati…

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