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The Beni Zilal are a minor faction of Aserai. They are the self-proclaimed "keepers of the secret" who "watch from the shadows". Their troop tree includes three horse archer units: Recruits, Soldiers, and Royal Guards.

Official Description[]

The origins of the Beni Zilal, the Sons of the Shadows, are shrouded in legend. Many of the stories tell of a messianic preacher who rule from a citadel deep in the desert, entracing his followers with the help of hallucinogenic herbs and terrorizing the Aserai nobility with the threat of assassination. Regardless of how much truth these stories contain, this brotherhood is now a powerful institution in the deep reaches of the Nahasa, collecting protection money from caravans passing through its territory and cutting deals with local potentates while it awaits the day when it may reveal its hand more openly.


  • Beni Zilal Lazifi
  • Beni Zilal'ın Hur
  • Beni Zilal Lakhem
  • Beni Zilal Munim


Troop Tree[]

Beni Zilal Troops
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type cavalry big.png Beni Zilal Recruit
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type cavalry big.png Beni Zilal Soldier
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type cavalry big.png Beni Zilal Royal Guard


The Beni Zilal were seemingly inspired by the Order of the Assassins, a real-life sect of Shia Islam who lived in the mountains of Persia and in Syria between 1090 and 1275. Both groups are said to work with drugging substances (hashish and 'hallucinogenic herbs' respectively), both have a religious foundation, and both prefer subterfuge to open combat. Of course, the degree to which the Beni Zilal correspond to the Assassins, given gameplay limitations, is debatable.

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