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An example of Attributes in Mount&Blade.

Your character has four major attributes, which affect what you can do in very profound ways. Attributes do two things: they give you some kind of immediate advantage, and they also allow you to increase skills that are dependent on that attribute. Strength and Intelligence also allow better armor or books to be used, respectively. Skills can only be raised to one third of a certain attribute (rounded down). For example, Ironflesh is a Strength based skill, so a character with 14 Strength can only raise their Ironflesh up to level 4, while 15 Strength will allow Ironflesh up to level 5. Furthermore, each attribute carries its own benefits. See the section on Skills for more information.

When you create a new character after selecting a background, you will get four points to spend on attributes, and upon each level-up, you will receive one more. These choices cannot be changed once committed, so be sure to spend them wisely!

The maximum level for attributes is 63.

Attributes Table[]

There are four attributes in the game:

Name Abbr. Description Regulated Skills
Strength STR Every point adds +1 to hit points. (Hidden bonus: increases damage of melee weapons, bows, and thrown weapons). Ironflesh, Power Strike, Power Draw, Power Throw/Grenade Throwing
Agility AGI

Each point gives you five weapon points and slightly increases movement speed on the battlefield.

Weapon Master, Shield, Riding, Athletics, Horse Archery/Shooting from Horseback, Looting
Intelligence INT Every point to intelligence immediately gives one extra skill point. Trainer, Tracking, Tactics, Path-finding, Spotting, Inventory Management, Wound Treatment, Surgery, First Aid, Engineer, Persuasion.
Charisma CHA Each point increases your party size limit by +1. Prisoner Management, Leadership, Trade

Attribute Requirements[]

Armor either has no attribute requirement or Strength requirements between 6 and 9 (Plate Armor). The Black Armor has a requirement of 10. Heavy helmets such as the Winged Helmet also have a requirement of 10.

Melee weapons will require between 7 (Hand Axe) to 14 (Great Hammer) Strength, but certain weapon modifiers can add 1, 2, or 4 to Strength required.

Thrown and Bow weapons indirectly require minimum Strength, due to their Skill requirements. Thrown weapons need 0-4 Power Throw before modifiers and Bows 0-4 Power draw before modifiers.

Some Crossbows have strength requirements, those are in the 8-10 Range (10 for the Siege Crossbow).

Horses indirectly require Agility, as they require Riding skill. Armored horses require a minimum of 12 Agility (4 Riding). The modifiers Stubborn or Champion also increase skill requirements; +1 and +2 Riding respectively.

Books have Intelligence requirements between 7-12.

There are no items that require charisma.