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The Sultanate of the Aserai is a kingdom in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. It is ruled by Sultan Unqid, and occupies the shores and the desert beyond the Perassic Sea, to the south below the continent of Calradia.

The Banu Asera, also known as Aserai, is a civilization that is comprised of numerous clans who all claim their descent from the legendary patriarch Asera. The clans have occupied the springs, oases and coastline settlements of the Nahasa desert and its surrounding areas since ancient times. The Empire becoming weaker has shown an opportunity to the clans, who have formed a confederation in the interests of conquest.

The Aserai pride themselves on flexibility and their armies are the closest thing to a generalized faction within Bannerlord, with a reasonably balanced mix of archers, infantry, and medium spear cavalry, although the focus is greatest on cavalry. With a strong merchant tradition, their caravans are 30% cheaper to build, with a 10% reduction to trade penalties.

The Aserai are the ancestors of the Sarranid Sultanate from Mount&Blade: Warband. Over 200 years, the Banu Sarran has supplanted the Aserai from within to become the Sarranid Sultanate.

Official Description[]

"The Empire even at its heights preferred not to send its legions into the army-devouring wastes. Instead, it projected its power into the Nahasa by cultivating clients and allies among the clans, who competed in an endless dance of power. Those clans that could secure a hold on the oases won an imperial subsidy to protect passing caravans and grew rich. Those who could not were pushed into the desert, left to raise goats and camels and raid caravans until they could plot a comeback. Today, with the waning of the empire offering new opportunities and new risks, the Aserai have agreed to form a confederacy under a sultan chosen from richest of the clans, the Banu Hulyan. But everyone knows that the dance has only temporarily been stopped, and at the right moment it will begin again. "


To the south of the imperial heartland lies the Nahasa, the Bronze Desert, ringed by mountains, hammered by the sun. A traveler coming over the passes from greener lands would first see fields of dunes broken by gravel plains and volcanic outcrops, shimmering under the heat haze. But there is water to be found underground, trapped in depressions or beneath the wadis where the occasional flash flood rumbles by. It is in these oases that people have settled. They are divided into dozens of clans and sub-clans, each with its elaborate genealogy, but are collectively known as the Banu Asera or the Aserai after the legendary patriarch Asera, whom they all claim as an ancestor.


The Aserai usually depend on their archers and they try to swarm you with their infantry.


  • Versatile troops: Infantry and lancers use throwing weapons, horse archers carry shields
  • Low tier troops possess polearms, making them more effective when fending against cavalry
  • Powerful archery units with top-tier weapons and arrows
  • All tiers of noble troops possess horses, reducing their cost


  • Situationally outmatched by more specialized units
  • Poor quality of shields across all branches
  • Lack of reliable heavy infantry to hold the line; soldiers tend to have poor helmets
  • Mounted units require war horses to be made worthwhile; riding and war horses of Aserai territory are expensive


  • High.

8 cities, 9 castles, 40 villages. Main products: dates (the only manufacturer), horses, and salt.


Aserai recruits and tribesmen are more fragile than low tier infantry of other cultures, but once upgraded they become more flexible and solid all-rounders. Most Aserai units take full advantage of their loadout slots, carrying polearm, blade, shield and a throwing weapon. This allows them to pepper advancing enemy infantry with projectiles before engaging in close combat and to defend themselves against enemy cavalry at close range. Aserai forces are much weaker on defense, as their unreliable shields and outright terrible head protection of most troops makes defending against ranged attacks or enemy shock infantry very difficult.

Aserai cavalry is well-rounded and balanced, but the player should take into account that access to war horses is essentially required to make best use of them. Mameluke Regulars and Aserai Youths can be considered light cavalry at best and until they can be trained and equipped with war horses, they are ill prepared against most mid tier threats. Eventually Mameluke Regulars transform completely when upgraded to Mameluke Cavalry as they equip bows and arrows and their default troop formation changes to horse archer. Once the Aserai Youths and Horsemen are upgraded to Aserai Faris, the player has access to a cavalry-exclusive playstyle if they wish so, similar to if not outmatching the Khuzait mounted forces.

Troop tree[]

Aserai icon.png Aserai Troops
Chevron-1.png Icon troop type infantry.pngRecruit
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type infantry.pngTribesman Icon troop type infantry.pngMameluke Soldier Icon troop type cavalry big.pngYouth
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type infantry.pngSkirmisher Icon troop type infantry.pngFootman Icon troop type cavalry big.pngMameluke Regular Icon troop type infantry.pngMameluke Axeman Icon troop type cavalry big.pngTribal Horseman
Chevron-4.png Icon troop type bow.pngArcher Icon troop type infantry.pngInfantry Icon troop type horse archer big.pngMameluke Cavalry Icon troop type infantry.pngMameluke Guard Icon troop type cavalry big.pngFaris
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type bow.pngMaster Archer Icon troop type infantry.pngVeteran Infantry Icon troop type horse archer big.pngMameluke Heavy Cavalry Icon troop type infantry.pngMameluke Palace Guard Icon troop type cavalry big.pngVeteran Faris
Chevron-6.png Icon troop type cavalry big.pngVanguard Faris


Clans of Aserai
Banu HulyanBanu SarranBanu QildBanu QarazBanu Arbas
Banu AtjiBanu SarmalBanu HabbabBanu Ruwaid


Territory of Aserai
AskarHubyarHusn FulqIyakisQasiraQuyazRazihSanala
Ain Baliq CastleBarihal CastleJamayeh CastleMedeni CastleSahel Castle
Shibal Zumr CastleTamnuh CastleTubilis CastleUqba Castle
AbbaAbghanAbou KhihAin BaliqAsmaitBaqBarihalBir SeifBunqaz
Deir HawaDoqaEzbet NahulFanabHamoshawatHibletHoqqaHunab
JahasimJamayehKafr HatifKuqaLamesaLiwasMabwazMahloulMedeni
MijayitMussumNahlanQablabQidnarSahelShibal ZumrTamnuhTasheba


  • Aserai are based on the real life Arab tribes that existed before the Islamic conquests in the seventh century. [1][2]
    • The Aserai clans all claim relation to Asera, a legendary patriarch. Similarly, early Arab tribes and families claimed a relation to Qahtan, a patriarch whose 24 sons would go on to begin many of the important Arab tribes
  • One of the clans, Banu Sarran, will eventually supplant the Banu Hulyan ruling clan and form the Sarranid Sultanate 200 years later in Warband.
  • The chiefs of the Aserai clans bear the title of emir, a title of nobility commonly used in Muslim countries.


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